Shannon Brady, M.Ed
Founder of TheCollegeMIND • Director of Academic & College Counseling, Brady College Counseling

Summer, Summer, Summertime – How to Make the Most of Your Summer

While many students may take the summer “off”, it can be a fantastic time to take advantage of academic and non-academic opportunities.  As a younger high school student (specifically 9th-10th graders) here are three ways you can add value to your high school profile.

  1. Seek Out Academic Opportunities:  This is a great time to “try on” an academic passion or interest.  For example, maybe you are looking to pursue engineering or architecture, nursing, or business.  It is hard to know if these majors and careers are the right fit without gaining some experience.  The good news is that there are many ways to do this: online virtual high schools, community college classes, or summer programs at colleges around the country.  Many of these academic programs or courses can be added to your high school transcript, as well as your activity resume.
  2. Seek Out Non-Academic Activities: The classroom is one way to learn more and try on, but don’t forget about an internship and shadowing opportunities. This is a hands on way to discover if that area is right for you while building that resume.  Another advantage of an internship is being able to reflect upon it in your application with those supplemental essays (ie Why Major essay).  Colleges love to see students step outside of their comfort zone and seek out options that can expand their knowledge. Maybe getting a job is your hope.  Be sure to start early (think NOW/spring) to land the perfect summer job.  Colleges look for students who show responsibility and motivation.
  3. Head to Campus: Even though you have just started your high school career it is never too early to start learning about what your college preferences are.  There are many factors out there when it comes to creating your college list so why not start learning what those options are. Start in your backyard and plan to visit two colleges- register for an official tour and information session through the office of admissions.  In Module 3 of TheCollegeMIND course we lay out have to figure out those factors.  Learn more about the different factors in college preferences →

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