Class of 2023 Hybrid Program

Five Hours of College Counseling and full access to TheCollegeMIND Platinum Course

Meeting topics to include:

  • Academic & Extracurricular Review
  • Resume Editing
  • College List Review
  • College Research
  • Demonstration of Interest
  • College Visits
  • Applications Used
  • Deadlines to Apply to
  • Personal
    Statement Brainstorming Review
  • Supplemental Essay Brainstorming Review

Here's what the course will cover

Module 1: Academics

Academics are the top factor college admissions counselors look at when reviewing your application. We’ll cover everything you need to know about your academic career—including how to choose your curriculum and classes, create your academic plan and find academic opportunities to showcase and boost the presentation of your overall application outside of high school.

Module 2: Extracurriculars & Personal Interests

Extracurricular activities are vital to demonstrate your leadership skills, growth and time commitment. You will learn which activities to pursue and how to make the most of your interests and passions. You’ll also master how to manage your social media presence and build a digital resume!

Module 3: College Research

Here’s where we start diving into which colleges may be right for you! You’ll discover your preferences and learn how to create and refine your college list—so you’ll truly be stoked on the schools you end up applying to!

Module 4: Application + Essay Prep

This is where most students get overwhelmed, but not to worry! We’re going to cover a LOT in this module. You’ll get the low down on everything you need for a successful application, including essay help and tips for demonstrating interest. And, at the end of it all, you’ll finally be ready to submit your application! Additional Brainstorming Exercise for Personal Statement + Up to 3 Rounds of Review/Critique on Personal Statement on Prompt (you may add supplemental essays to be reviewed at an additional fee)

Module 5: Make Your Decision

Here’s the fun part of the whole college application journey… Now you finally get to choose your school! I’ll give you some final tips on how to make your decision and give you a little insight to what’s in store for you after graduation!

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